What was the conclusion?

As for the attorney-client privilege, Quince wrote that deserves maximum protection from the court because of its importance to the legal process.  Respondent argues that the lawyer’s act of referring a client to a treating physician is an underlying fact, not a communication.  We disagree, Quince noted.  That the plaintiff was treated by a particular doctor is an underlying fact.  That the plaintiff received a referral to see a particular doctor is also an underlying fact.  However, whether the plaintiff’s attorney requested that the client can see a certain doctor requires the plaintiff to disclose a part of a communication that was held between the plaintiff and attorney, and we resist any attempts to separate the contents of communications to distinguish facts from privileged information.  If you’re seeking a good family law attorney, you’ve have certainly come to the right place.  To hold otherwise would severely undermine the purpose of the privilege, which is to encourage the free flow of information between attorneys and their clients.  The majority also found the supplemental request for information to the law firm and medical facilities to be unduly burdensome, noting the time and expense for a case where damages sought totaled only $66,000.00.  We are extremely concerned about this type of communication, and by restricting this, may impede any progress made so far.  The best lawyer for child support, remember is only a phone call, e-mail or text away….