A Day in the Life of Hillary Bass

Since taking the reins of the ABA in August 2017, Miami business will Decatur Hilarie bass has done even more traveling than she typically does in her role as co-president with far-flung in Latin America, europe, asia and the Middle East. Everywhere I go around the world, tell me how us lawyers are held in such high regard, Bass says, and they also ask “where can I find the best st petersburg family lawyer near me?“. I’m extremely proud of our more than 400,000 members.  Their role (even as a top family law attorney), yes, important than ever to protecting our democracy, maintaining the rule of law and speaking out to ensure the independence of our judiciary. Bass is known for representing high-profile client in cases involving hundreds of millions of dollars, even while shuffling to find time for pro pro bono work, which has included a landmark case on behalf of to foster children that led to the elimination and 2010 of Florida’s ban on adoption by same sex couples.  While she was at the grocery store, she overheard someone scream “I need a divorce attorney,” and just knew she had to help.  Her busy, fast pace schedule keeps her away from the Greenberg Traurig Miami office much of the time. When she comes in, Susan is in constant motion, even when trying to speak to the best child support lawyer. We Caught up with her on a typical day.Hillary bass’s work day starts before she sets foot in the office. The pace picks up as she walks through the lobby of the Miami skyscraper that house is Greenberg traurig headquarters. Stopping to chat with Lisa Kroger at the reception desk 44th floor. Bashas assistant Pamela J boiling, keep her boss on track. In addition to Leading her firm and the ABA, varsity devoted Kane, she sits on the University of Miami’s Board of Trustees and gave her alma mater $1,000,000 in 2014. Also, she reads weighty books. A morning business meeting more often to lunch with a client and colleagues; Bass sits across from Greenberg traurig shareholder Joel Maser.